Zoom in or out on the map to find the exact location. The GPS Coordinates are 23.329745, -110.175035. For Google Maps directions click here.  The map and directions below will also provide assistance. 

Contact Us When you Arrive

Frank Pedley (Mexico Host)
Tel. 612-140-4627 (Mexico)
Tel. 011-521-612-540-4627 (U.S.)

Bob Millstone (US contact)
Tel. 415-205-6888 (US)

Driving Instructions to Make Your Arrival Easier

The quickest entry to Cerritos Beach is shown here. It’s a couple of kilometers south of the traditional main entrance about Km 67 (coming from Los Cabos). Please note the entrance road is always the same but the signs may change.

The Toll-Bypass goes from the airport directly to the Pacific Coast Highway 19. You will have to exit the toll road to Cabo San Lucas to do your shopping. Entering Cabo, stay on the road and follow the signs towards Todos Santos. There are shopping centers after you make the turn on the right. After shopping, stay on the same road towards Todos Santos and you will come to Cerritos .

We suggest you talk to your wireless provider 3 days before your arrival about a phone and data plan you can use while you are in Mexico. The GPS can come in handy. Call Frank after you get your supplies and before you leave Cabo. The phone service is spotty at best between Cabo and Cerritos beach. He will meet you and check you in. It is suggested that if possible you arrive during daylight hours, as no one seems to be able to find it easily once it is dark. Please send me and Frank your itinerary and updates as to your progress so I can keep you informed. Also, ask any questions or advice you might require.

Note: We were just there and adopted a beach cat. Her name is Flower. We let her stay with us she is a sweet heart. Feel free to care for her or not.


Main Entrance off Highway

Alternate Entrance

Rear View of Casas Cerritos